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Michael Forbes

Fundraising is currently underway for Michael Forbes who had an accident on Beach Road, Melbourne in 2008. 

A FES bike has been purchased for Michael with the funds raised since his accident and will be delivered and set up at home on 22nd September for Mike to use on weekends until he returns home permanently.

The FES bike uses legs and arms in a cycling motion using FES (functional electrical stimulation). It uses electrical current to stimulate nerves to evoke muscle contractions. It aims to relax painful muscle spasms; prevent disuse atrophy; increase local blood circulation; maintain and increase range of motion and work your heart.

Full details of the RT300 bike are available at www.restorative-therapies.com Mike has used the FES bike at Royal Talbot and loves the feeling of being active again. He feels better and sleeps better when he gets a chance to use it, however, this is not often.  

We need to raise more funds for Mike who is interested in Project Walk.

Project Walk exists to provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries through intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, support and encouragement. Clinical trials published show that multimodal intensive exercise can significantly improve motor function in subjects with chronic SCI. An organized program seems to provide greater motor benefits than a self-regulated program. The base program is run out of the USA with a sub-branch available in Brisbane. Ideally to maximise Mike's recovery, he will perform an intensive one-month program in the US in Jan-Feb 2009, followed up by a further month in Brisbane.

Project Walk costs for the US trip are calculated to be approximately $30,000.  

Cost to get Mike home

In order to allow Mike to maximise his access to therapies (both traditional and complimentary) we are looking at moving Mike home. To do this, we need to perform home modifications. Some of the necessary modifications will not be known until we can assess Mike's final recovery, however, the following are required immediately to get him home for weekend leave:

  1. Renovate family bathroom -- $25,000
    Bathroom modifications as outlined by occupational therapy report to allow Mike to come home for weekend leave
  2. Ramps and door access -- $10,000
    Placement of permanent ramp at front and rear of house, widening of doorways and placement of door ledges to allow entry
  3. Funding for carers for weekend leave -- $540 per weekend Carer for Michael's personal care to allow weekend home leave ($36/hr * 5 hours per day * 3 days per week)
  4. Manual hoist and sling -- $4,000
    Hoist and sling to allow transfer from bed to chair and back
  5. Commode chair -- $1,600
    Commode chair to allow personal care in the mornings

NB: there will be additional items that need to be purchased as soon as Mike leaves Royal Talbot (eg, electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair and bed that are not immediately required for weekend leave as they are on loan from Royal Talbot). 

Photos of Michael post injury

Find out how Mike’s progressing on his website http://www.michaelforbes.org/about



Michael Forbes with daughter Ashley

Michael Forbes with wife Monica and daughter Ashley

Michael Forbes time trial


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